Our wedding and engagement photography style is light and airy, candid and romantic. If you're not ready to book a wedding photographer, no worries, we photograph engagements couples all over Houston. All engagement portraits session include an engagement prep and style guide for you and him to help you dress and feel your very best. Engagement sessions start at $120 for a 30 min session and $250 for a complete hour and a custom USB drive.

Our Wedding Packages

All wedding packages include our one hour long engagement session, which includes up to 2 outfit changes, style guide and what to expect PDF download. We like to schedule your engagement session as soon as possible, since weekends tend to fill up quick.

Be the First to Know!

This is the place to be! We have 3 or 4 mini sessions year round, specials, and sometimes exciting news we want to share with you! Mini sessions fill up quick, so we like to send notifications to our email followers first!

Let's Work Together

First - Fill out this form! We love capturing family portraits and wedding photography! We can’t wait to hear from you! We typically find email easier to exchange info, but if you prefer a phone call or text, just leave your number in the message box.

Second! We will email or text you within 24 hours and we will share our photography workflow and answer FAQs with you. If you’d like we can meet at Starbucks or keep communication over email or phone, whichever is easiest for you!

and Finally, we hope it’s a match!! We will seal the deal with a 20% non-refundable deposit and send you our portrait preparation and family or engagement wardrobe guide. And for our brides, we have a special bridal preparation magazine PDF prepared just for you and your groom so you know exactly what to expect on your big day!

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