Black Friday Special!

A 1% discount is reflected on invoice. To activate your gift card with the equal amount of your BOGO promo, a gift card with the cost of the 1% will be emailed to you.


Total amount of gift card can only be rendered on one service of equal or lesser value. 

These terms and conditions are applicable to your gift card or credit (hereafter referred to as: "Gift Card" or "Gift Cards"):

Prize Validity Period:You must redeem your session within one year from the date of notification.

  1. Payment Process:Full payment must be rendered to redeem first session and any transferred or gifted session.
  2. Session Redemption: One session of equal or lesser value can be redeemed, subject to availability with gift card. 
  3. Traveling Fee:Session further than 15 miles from the designated prize location (Cypress,TX), a traveling fee ($50 + toll fees or other accomodations) may be added to the final invoice. The exact fee will be communicated to you in advance, and it is your responsibility to cover this additional cost.
  4. Extensions:Extensions for prize redemption will not be granted under normal circumstances. The one-year validity period is final. If session is transferred, one year starts from when the first session is redeemed.
  5. Forfeiture of Promo:Failure to redeem the promo code within the specified time frame will result in forfeiture. Once the validity period expires, you will no longer be eligible to claim the prize, and it may be awarded to an alternate winner.
  6. Transferability:Prizes are transferable one time. Once the confirmed recipient assigns the prize, and it cannot be transferred or assigned to another individual again. Receiver of transferability of price must meet rules and terms and conditions minus transferability clause.
  7. Contact Information:Keep your contact information updated throughout the redemption period. Any changes must be promptly communicated to the designated contact point.
  8. Legal Requirements:You must comply with all legal requirements and regulations associated with prize redemption, including any tax implications. Any taxes or fees related to the prize are the sole responsibility of the recipient(s).
  9. Disqualification:Attempted fraud, misrepresentation, or violation of these terms and conditions may result in disqualification, and the sessions will be forfeited.
  10. Modification of Terms:These terms and conditions may be subject to change at the discretion of the sponsoring entity. Any modifications will be communicated to the winner.
  11. Delivery and Ownership: Gift Cards are digital and emailed directly to recipients and usually arrive within hours after ordering. We are not responsible for incorrect digital gift card delivery due to entry of an incorrect email address. Ownership and risk of loss of Gift Cards passes to the purchaser as soon as we send our confirmation to the recipient.
  12. Risk of Loss, non-refundable, not for resale: Gift Cards cannot be refunded, resold, or redeemed for cash or credit (except where required by law). If your Gift Card information is lost or stolen, anyone who obtains possession of it may use your Gift Card. You are responsible for all transactions on your Gift Card, including unauthorized transactions. Treat this Gift Card like cash and safeguard it accordingly. We are not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards. Gift Cards will not be replaced or replenished if lost, stolen, damaged or used without authorization.
  13. Fraud: We reserve the right to refuse to accept Gift Cards that we suspect or believe were obtained fraudulently. If we suspect fraud, we may use retained Gift Card balances to help offset our liability to card companies, networks and issuers of lost or stolen credit and debit cards used to purchase or load Gift Cards.
  14. Agreement with Terms; Right to Modify Terms: By purchase, use, or acceptance of a Gift Card you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. Terms and conditions may be changed at any time. We reserve the right, without notice to you, to void Gift Cards without a refund, suspend or terminate customer accounts, suspend or terminate the ability to use our services, cancel or limit orders, and bill alternative forms of payment if we suspect that a Gift Card is purchased, obtained, used, or applied fraudulently, unlawfully, or otherwise in violation of these terms and conditions.



Location of wedding must be in Houston and immediate surrounding areas. Tolls, valet cost, parking cost required by photographer will be estimated prior to wedding and added to end of final invoice.

Any travel that exceeds 20 miles will be subject to travel fee.

Wedding Party

Wedding should have at least 3 members on each side of the wedding party.

Details and Accessories

Photographer will have access to photograph details such as wedding invitations, rings, programs, floral arrangements, table centers, shoes, accessories, etc.