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What Time should I schedule my photo shoot??

Capturing Magical Moments: Why Golden Hour is the Best Time for Outdoor Portrait Photography

As a passionate photographer, I've come to appreciate the impact lighting can have on the mood, aesthetics, and overall quality of portrait photography. Among all the times of the day to shoot, there is one golden opportunity that every photographer cherishes: the Golden Hour. This magical period, occurring shortly after sunrise and just before sunset. This golden hour bathes the world in a warm, golden glow, creating a perfect ambiance for capturing stunning portrait pictures.

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Soft, Warm, and Flattering Light:

During the Golden Hour, the sun sits low on the horizon, and its light must travel through more of the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in soft, diffused light. This diffused light creates a beautiful, gentle illumination, which casts fewer harsh shadows. As a result, portraits taken during this time tend to be more flattering and visually appealing, with the subject's features softly accentuated.

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Best Times for You!

Summer and spring time

We get more daylight. Around this time, I would say some time between 6:30 and 7:30. This also means cooler temperatures for everyone.

Winter and Fall

After daylight settings, we lose an hour and also daylight sooner. For this reason we may start 5-5:30 pm.

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As a photographer, capturing the essence and personality of your subject is paramount. The Golden Hour provides the perfect canvas for creating stunning outdoor portrait pictures, with its soft, warm light, magical golden tones, and enhanced depth.