We are all unique - and I truly believe a person's type of fashion is an extension of their personality. What we choose to wear and why is a great way to express yourselves. Some of you might already have outfits in mind, while some aren't sure where to start. Let's go through a few different ideas!


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Tuxedos & Suits

Nothing says "classy' like a formal suit or tux. If you want to look sharp and set apart from others, this could be your signature look, When it comes to colors and patterns, believe me when I say less is more. You will want to look natural and feel comfortable. Top colors are black, navy blue, grey, and tan.

Casual & Fun

Casual yet fashion-forward - another go-to outfit for men. Choose your favorite jeans or khakis, then layer your tops. Think about sweaters, vests, jean jackets, sports jackets, button-ups with the

sleeves slightly rolled up, and more. For shoes, try out boat shoes or non-athletic tennis shoes.

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Teams & Clubs

If you were active in any extracurriculars during high school, this could be an excellent option for you. Choose between a full-blown out uniform, t-shirt, or jacket if you don't want to go all-out. Some students even prefer to go to a football field and wear their entire uniform. It's up to you!

College & Spirit Wear

Most students probably don't think of this option. Wearing a t-shirt or other type of clothing piece from your college you selected! Not only is this a good idea, but did you know you could send out college announcements to family members with your final images?

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