How to prepare for your senior session

Helping with how to prepare for your senior session can make or break the whole experience! It is my job as your photographer to make the process as stress free as possible! The best way for me to do that is to help my seniors prepare. Your Senior Style Guide is so helpful with this. However, there are still a bunch of other ways that you can prep in order to make it the BEST possible experience! These are answers to some of the most often questions approaching senior sessions! If you don't see an answer to your question here, ask away!

We want you to feel your very best, confident, and empowering!

1. Choose two to three outfits to wear during your session and lay them

out so they are ready to go. Make sure they are clean and wrinkle-


2. Also, don't forget to pack any accessories you'll want for each outfit- jewelry, scarves, headbands, etc. Bring matching socks/tights, and shoes for each outfit if one pair won't go along with all of them.

3. While you're at it, if you plan on bringing any props - your ballet shoes, favorite book, softball gear, etc, - go ahead and lay that out as well. If you are going to bring your car to the session and want it to be in photos with you, be sure to wash it the night before/day of your session.

girl sitting on grass holding cap

4. Get a good night's rest the night before so you can look well rested for your session.

5. Get your hair cut about one to two weeks prior to your session, Don't

drastically change it from your normal style in case you don't like it.

Have the hair stylist show you some easy styles you can do during

outfit changes to switch it up a bit.

senior girl holding cap and gown

6. Practice your makeup the week leading up to your session so you can get it just right the day of, We do offer professional makeup artist services with several of our packages.

7. If you wake up two days prior to your session, or the morning of, and acne has appeared on your face - don't pick at it and make it worse while trying to get rid of it. Apply some makeup over the area (not too heavy) and leave it at that. We offer basic retouching, which includes blemish removal; so don't even worry about it.

8. Get a manicure the day before or day of your session to ensure your

nails look their best.

9, If you are doing a session with your BFF or BF, don't forget to

coordinate an outfit with them!

rn holding tool in hand

10- Be Yourself!

Preserve your senior year and showcase your best asset, your confidence!

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graduation cap on head
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