Your Wedding Portraits!

Portraits are an important part of wedding photography as they capture the couple's special moments together. In an intimate wedding, portraits can be even more meaningful as they are more personal and candid, and I can take my time to create beautiful, timeless images.

Some tips I use and pass on to you for capturing beautiful portraits at an intimate wedding include:

  • Taking advantage of natural light: The soft, natural light from the sun or from a nearby window can create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere for your portraits.
  • Finding unique locations: Looking for unique and interesting locations around the venue that can add character and interest to your portraits. For example, a picturesque garden, a nearby park or a rooftop.
  • Using a variety of poses: Trying different poses to capture you in various ways, such as close-ups of their faces, full-length shots, or candid moments.
  • Capturing candid moments: In an intimate wedding, you and your guests are usually more relaxed, making it an ideal opportunity to capture candid moments.
  • Paying attention to the background: The background of a portrait can be just as important as you in the foreground. Paying attention to the background and trying to use it to create a sense of depth and interest in the image.

Overall, the key to capturing beautiful portraits at your wedding is to be yourself, relaxed and enjoy and take advantage of the unique atmosphere your wedding day!